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Retired Catholic priest pleads guilty to two more sex charges involving teens

There you go… Another scum-bag from the Catholic Church!

The other day I told a friend of mine that there really weren’t that many pedophiles in the Catholic Church. I lied! I didn’t lie intentionally, but after some careful thought, considering that we only hear of maybe 10% of the abuses (for several reasons) I am now convinced that the number of sexual abuse victims for which Catholic priests are guilty runs well into the hundreds if not thousands globally each year. And naturally, these numbers could have been multiplied ten times over in years past, especially in third-world countries.

The Catholic Church is a disgrace to the human race. TGO

Refer to story below. Source: Associated Press

By The Canadian Press | Associated Press

WINDSOR, Ont. – A 90-year-old retired Catholic priest previously convicted of sexually abusing children has pleaded guilty in a Windsor, Ont., courtroom to two more sex crimes.

Father William Hodgson Marshall pleaded guilty today to two counts of indecent assault involving two teenage boys in incidents that took place during the 1950s and ’60s in Saskatchewan.

He’s currently serving a two-year sentence after pleading guilty in 2011 to 17 counts of sexually abusing children while teaching at schools in Windsor, Toronto and Sudbury.

The defence is asking for a conditional sentence while the Crown wants a sentence of nine to 12 months.

The judge is expected to hand down a sentence this afternoon.

About 70 people protested outside the courthouse where Marshall appeared this morning.

Protester Catherine Lewis says the church needs to be accountable.

“The church has to stop covering this up,” Lewis said. “We have to get this out loud and clear … there are too many lives (that) have been ruined,” she said.

“These perpetrators have to pay for what they have done.”


Priest, teacher convicted in Pa. church abuse case

Those “men of God” sure as heck like boys… It almost seems as if it’s a requirement of the Catholic Church for priests to want to have sex with children; especially those of the male gender. But hey, God works in mysterious ways… TGO

Refer to story below. Source: Associated Press

By MARYCLAIRE DALE | Associated Press

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — A jury on Wednesday convicted a priest and teacher in a pivotal church-abuse case that rocked the Philadelphia archdiocese and sent a church official to prison for child endangerment.

The verdict upholds the stunning account from a troubled 24-year-old policeman’s son that he was sexually abused as a boy by two priests and his sixth-grade teacher. One priest took a plea deal before trial, while the jury convicted the Rev. Charles Engelhardt and former teacher Bernard Shero of all but one count.

The 2009 complaint describing the abuse led to the landmark conviction last year of Monsignor William Lynn, the longtime secretary for clergy in Philadelphia. Lynn is serving three to six years in prison for his role transferring an admitted pedophile priest to the accuser’s northeast Philadelphia parish. A string of priest victims testified in Lynn’s case, but none said they had been passed around like the policeman’s son.

“I’m overjoyed that there was a conviction, mostly because of this victim. I really didn’t expect it,” said Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams, an active Catholic who revived efforts to prosecute the archdiocese after taking office three years ago.

The accuser, now a gaunt young man, has battled heroin abuse since his teens and still has a drug case pending. And details of his story changed frequently over the years, even about whether Shero raped him in the classroom or in a parked car.

“The victim was demonized, cross-examined, … dehumanized. I would understand how a jury could come to a different verdict,” Williams said.

The accuser said the assaults began after Engelhardt caught him drinking altar wine in fifth grade. He said Engelhardt told fellow priest Edward Avery about their “session,” prompting Avery to twice sexually assault the boy. And he testified that Shero raped him a year later, after driving him home after detention.

The jury convicted Shero, 49, of Levittown, of rape, indecent sexual assault and other charges. They convicted Engelhardt, 66, of Wyndmoor, of charges including indecent assault of a child under 13, corruption of a minor and conspiracy with Avery. The jury deadlocked on one count, an indecent sexual assault count against Engelhardt, after deliberating since late Friday.

Lawyer Burton Rose described Shero after the verdict as “very distraught, very distraught.” He had told jurors that his introverted, visually impaired client was an easy target for a false accuser.

Defense lawyers had argued that the accuser was simply hoping for a payout from his pending civil suit against the archdiocese. His story defied belief, they said.

He initially told a church social worker he’d been raped for five hours by Engelhardt after Mass; beaten and tied with sashes by defrocked priest Edward Avery; and raped by Shero at school. None of those details emerged in his trial testimony.

“(He) is the walking, talking personification of reasonable doubt,” argued defense lawyer Michael McGovern, representing Engelhardt, an Oblate of St. Francis.

The accuser’s account got a boost when Avery entered a surprise guilty plea last year. But Avery startled the courtroom this month when he testified that he never touched the boy, but took the 2-1/2- to five-year deal to avoid a longer sentence at trial.

Williams called that turn of events something fit for a “Law and Order” episode.

“He pleaded because it was a good offer,” Avery’s lawyer, Michael Wallace, said Wednesday. “(Jurors) think that anybody who walks down the street with a collar is guilty.”

Shero and Engelhardt were taken into immediate custody. They each face more than a decade in prison when they are sentenced in April. Their relatives were inconsolable.

The victim now lives in Florida and was not in court, although his parents were. He told jurors this month that he’d been clean for a year, after 23 stints in drug rehabilitation.

Thousands of people have accused priests around the country of abuse, but the complaints were routinely locked in secret church archives. Several states, including Pennsylvania, then extended the time limit for child sex-abuse victims to pursue criminal or civil action, although victim advocates want to see additional reforms.

Philadelphia prosecutors saw their chance to renew their exhaustive, but stalled, investigation into priest abuse with the policeman’s son, whose claims were viable under the new statutes.

Williams decided to charge Monsignor Lynn because Avery had been transferred to the boy’s parish even though he admitted to church officials that he had abused a teen in 1992.  Lynn is appealing his conviction.

In September, Kansas City Bishop Robert Finn was convicted of a misdemeanor for failing to report a priest known to possess child pornography.

The victims’ advocacy group Bishopaccountability.org recently began posting the secret church documents aired at the Lynn trial. And the Archdiocese of Los Angeles was forced to make many of their secret archives public.

“The Philadelphia archive will show why statutes of limitations must be reformed in Pennsylvania and elsewhere, and why Lynn and Finn will not be the last church officials to be held accountable,” Bishopaccountability officials said.

German church: most sex abuser priests are psychologically normal

The results of this “study” is a crock. I can’t imagine people being stupid enough to believe the “results” of a study conducted by the Catholic Church on its own priests. Wait, I take that back, people are stupid enough to believe what the church says. If people are stupid enough to still belong to this church and call themselves Catholics, they’ll believe anything… TGO

Refer to story below. Source: Reuters

By Tom Heneghan, Religion Editor | Reuters

 PARIS (Reuters)- A German Catholic Church study showed most priests found guilty of sexually abusing minors were psychologically normal, according to survey results presented on Friday.

Only 12 percent of those surveyed were diagnosed as paedophiles, said the report released by Trier Bishop Stephan Ackermann, the church’s spokesman on abuse cases.

Psychological tests commissioned by priests’ dioceses around Germany found only five percent could be classified as ephebophiles – attracted to teenagers, it said.

“There are no significant differences to results found in the general population in Germany,” said Dr Norbert Leygraf, one of the experts reviewing reports on predator priests found out in the past decade.

Victims advocate Norbert Denef dismissed the study as biased in favor of the Church that commissioned it, and called for an independent commission to study clerical abuse cases.

“You wouldn’t ask the mafia to investigate its own crimes,” Denef, head of an advocacy group called Netzwerk B, told daily newspaper Die Welt.

A wave of revelations of clerical sexual abuse, with many cases dating from previous decades, shook the German Catholic Church in 2010 and prompted it to order an overall study of diocesan reports to spot any trends.


About 600 people filed accusations of sexual abuse against priests following these revelations. Some 180,000 Germans left the church that year, a 40 percent jump over 2009.

Leygraf gave no reason why so many men described as psychologically normal, 68 percent of the group under investigation, had abused minors.

“The alleged sexual abuse was committed for reasons that can mostly be described as within normal psychological bounds and only a few cases resulted from a specific psychopathology,” he said, according to a Church statement.

According to the study, the diocesan reports showed 54 percent of the priests were identified as heterosexual, 37 percent as homosexual and nine percent as bisexual.

Ackermann ruled out any link to celibacy, a rule for Catholic priests that some critics blame for the wave of abuse cases that have rocked Catholic communities in Europe and North America for over a decade.

“There is no causal connection between a celibate way of life and sexual abuse,” he told a news conference in Trier.

Almost all the priests said they met their victims in their parishes or in schools. Asked why three-quarters of victims were male, Ackermann noted many cases dated back several decades when priests were likely to only come into contacts with boys.

“There were no girl altar servers back then,” he said. “The boys were there and were the ones the priests had the most to do with in their daily work.”

(Editing by Louise Ireland)

Pope fires Slovak bishop in rare show of authority

If the Pope fired bishops who covered up for sexually abusive priests, let alone sexually abusive priests, he would be in dire need of new clergy, as the number of abusive priests is much higher than people are willing to acknowledge. And if he had to fire gay priests, who are living immoral lives in the eyes of the Vatican, he would be left with tens of thousands of hole to fill; pun intended.

The bottom line is that the Roman Catholic Church is full of hypocrites and degenerates. TGO

Refer to story below. Source: Associated Press

Associated PressBy NICOLE WINFIELD | Associated Press

VATICAN CITY (AP) — Pope Benedict XVI fired a 52-year-old Slovak bishop for apparently mismanaging his diocese in a rare show of papal power over bishops that could have implications for U.S. sex abuse cases.

Usually when bishops run into trouble — either for alleged moral lapses or management problems — they are persuaded by the Vatican to resign. But Benedict has become increasingly willing to forcibly remove bishops who refuse to step down, sacking three others in the past year alone.

His willingness to do so raises questions about whether he would take the same measures against bishops who covered up for sexually abusive priests. So far he has not.

In the most notable case to date, Benedict fired Bishop William Morris of Toowoomba, Australia, last year after he called for the church to consider ordaining women and married men. He also removed a Congolese bishop for management problems in his diocese and an Italian one in May for similar reasons.

On Monday, the Vatican said Benedict had “relieved from pastoral care” Bishop Robert Bezak of Trnava, Slovakia. No reason was given, but Italian news reports suggested administrative problems were to blame, and Slovak news reports quoted Bezak as saying he thought his criticism of his predecessor may have had a role.

Bishops normally hand in their resignation when they turn 75 years old, their customary retirement age.

The exercise of the pope’s ability to fire a bishop has important implications, particularly concerning bishops who mishandle pedophile priests.

In the face of U.S. lawsuits seeking to hold the pope ultimately responsible for abusive priests, the Holy See has argued that bishops are largely masters of their dioceses and that the pope doesn’t really control them. The Vatican has thus sought to limit its own liability, arguing that the pope doesn’t exercise sufficient control over the bishops to be held responsible for their bungled response to priests who rape children.

The ability of the pope to actively fire bishops, and not just passively accept their resignations, would seem to undercut the Vatican’s argument of a hands-off pope.

“If the pope can fire a bishop, that implies he’s their supervisor,” said Nick Cafardi, a U.S. canon lawyer and former chairman of the U.S. bishops’ lay review board that monitored clerical abuse. “This will invite more lawsuits attempting to sue the pope in American courts.”

Jeffrey Anderson, who is seeking to hold the Holy See liable for a case of an abusive priest in Oregon, said the Vatican was trying to have it both ways.

“They will remove, using their canon laws and their own protocols, bishops, priests and clerics for any reasons — for theological or any other reasons — but when it comes to sexual misconduct, they never use those same standards,” he said.

Even the most well-known case, that of Cardinal Bernard Law, ended when Law offered his resignation after the sex abuse scandal exploded in his Boston archdiocese 2002. Law subsequently was named archpriest of one of the Vatican’s basilicas in Rome, St. Mary Major.

That said, things may be changing: The Vatican’s sex crimes prosecutor, Monsignor Charles Scicluna, warned in February that bishops could face possible church sanctions for malicious or fraudulent negligence if they fail to follow the Vatican’s rules on handling sexually abusive priests. But he acknowledged that such bishop accountability needed to be “further developed.”


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Catholic priest arrested on charges of sexual assault of boy

Is it by coincidence that there are this many numbers of pedophiles in the Catholic Church? No, it isn’t. The Catholic Church has always had a significant percentage of sexual deviants among the clergy. By the way, those who are caught for molesting minors are the tip of the iceberg when compared to those who are never caught. And as one can imagine, in other less developed countries throughout the world the amount of abuses by priests (and nuns) is astronomical. TGO

Refer to story below. Source: Reuters

ReutersBy Mary Wisniewski | Reuters

CHICAGO (Reuters) – A Catholic priest wanted in Colorado on charges that he sexually assaulted a boy was arrested in Chicago on Monday by members of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the FBI said.

Father Richard James Kurtz, 67, who worked as a chemistry teacher at the University of Detroit High School in Detroit, Michigan, was turned over to Cook County authorities for extradition to Colorado, the FBI said.

Child abuse controversies have rocked the Catholic Church in the United States in the last decade, and the church has paid out some $2 billion in settlements to victims, bankrupting a handful of dioceses.

Kurtz faces felony charges for sexual assault and attempted sexual assault of a male under the age of 18 while they were in Colorado in 2001. Authorities did not give the boy’s age.

The alleged crimes had no connection to any Colorado church, according to Sergeant Ron Hanavan, spokesman for the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office in Castle Rock, Colorado. Kurtz has been booked into a Chicago jail on a $100,000 bond.

The investigation began in June 2011 when the Society of Jesus Chicago-Detroit Province notified the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office of the alleged crimes, Hanavan said in a statement. A warrant was issued for Kurtz’ arrest last Friday.

A spokesman for the Society of Jesus, also known as the Jesuits, was not immediately available for comment.

(Writing by Mary Wisniewski, Editing by Cynthia Johnston)

Belgian activist priest admits sexual abuse

Another member of the gay man’s club, otherwise known as the Roman Catholic Church, confesses to child sex abuse.

Isn’t it interesting; over two and a half billion people on this planet, well over 1/3 of the total population on Earth, are either Catholics (Christians) or Muslims. The first group is known for its predatory priests who sexually abuse children and the second for its suicide bombers; one a group of rapists, the other a group of killers. Why decent human beings would want to be associated with either of these two criminal gangs is beyond me. One thing is for certain, either these 2 1/2 billion people have their heads up their butt or they’re simply hypocrites. TGO

Refer to story below. Source: Associated Press

By GABRIELE STEINHAUSER, Associated Press Gabriele Steinhauser, Associated Press

BRUSSELS – A Belgian priest has confessed to a child sex-abuse accusation that came to light during a campaign to nominate him for the Nobel Peace Prize for his work fighting globalization’s impact on developing countries.

The confession was published in a Belgian newspaper Wednesday and confirmed by the organization the priest founded, deepening a sex-abuse scandal that has rocked the Catholic Church in the country. After a spate of accusations this year, the church in September published the harrowing accounts of more than 100 victims of clerical sex abuse, some as young as 2 when they were assaulted.

In October, after supporters of 85-year-old Francois Houtart began working to nominate him for the Nobel, a woman contacted the nonprofit organization he founded and said the priest had abused her brother 40 years ago, according to its director, Bernard Duterme.

Houtart resigned the next month from the board of Cetri, which publishes reports critical of developed nations’ actions in the Third World, Duterme said.

Houtart told the newspaper Le Soir that he twice touched “the intimate parts” of his cousin, an incident he called “inconsiderate and irresponsible.”

In her e-mail to Cetri and the committee to nominate Houtart for the Nobel Prize, the victim’s sister also pointed to her testimony in the church’s report, Duterme said.

There, she details the abuse of her brother, which she describes as “rape,” by an unnamed priest.

She says the priest, who was a friend of her father, entered her brother’s room twice “to rape him.” “Before the third time, my brother went to tell his parents, who kept him in their room,” she is quoted as saying in the report.

The priest isn’t named in the report.

Houtart is in Ecuador and didn’t immediately respond to phone calls and e-mail Wednesday, but he told Le Soir that he entered the boy’s room, when he was staying with the boy’s parents close to Liege, in eastern Belgium.

“Walking through the room of one of the family’s boys, I effectively touched his intimate parts twice, which woke him up and frightened him,” Houtart is quoted as saying.

The committee in November ended its campaign to nominate Houtart for the 2011 Nobel Prize, saying the priest had requested its termination because “his age and his personal projects would not allow him to fully assume the role requested in such circumstances.”

In a statement, the committee said “thousands of people” in 74 countries had participated in the signature campaign, recognizing Houtart’s role in the social justice and antiglobalization movement.

It has been a traumatic year for the Catholic Church in Belgium, beginning in April with the resignation of the Bishop of Bruges Roger Vangheluwe. Vangheluwe admitted to having sexually abused a nephew for years when he was a priest and a bishop.

In June, authorities seized hundreds of case files from a church and used power tools to open a prelate’s crypt in Mechlin’s St. Rumbold Cathedral, seeking evidence. The raid was condemned by the Vatican and later ruled excessive by a Belgian court.

However, the investigation into the abuse continued and in September the Catholic Church published an almost 200-page report detailing the testimonies of 124 victims of abuse by Catholic clergy over decades.

In the church’s report, the victim’s sister says her father went to talk to the priest about the incident a few days later and asked him to apologize, but the priest declined and “told my father that there wasn’t anything more normal.” Her father then cut off all contact with Houtart, the woman says.

In the interview with Le Soir, Houtart says he was “personally perturbed” by the incident, “since I was conscious of the contradiction it represented with my Christian faith and my function as a priest.”

He says the boy’s parents suggested he get in touch with a professor in Liege, who advised him to stay in the priesthood and concentrate on his work.

Francois Polet, a researcher at Cetri, said the organization decided not to go public with the reason for Houtart’s resignation from the board at the victim’s sister’s request. He said the precise relationship between Houtart and the victim — whether he was a cousin, nephew, or more distant relative — wasn’t clear.

“It was a big, big surprise and a big, big (disappointment),” Polet said of the revelation. “Directly for us it was very clear that we could not continue to have some kind of collaboration” with Houtart.

Pedophile priest was volunteer in Dutch church

What better place is there for a pedophile to seek shelter than within the ranks of the Catholic Church, where he is among his peers? TGO

Refer to story below. Source: Associated Press

Mon Apr 26, 3:25 pm ET

AMSTERDAM – The Dutch Catholic Church rejected criticism Monday for failing to check the background of a volunteer who had served a seven-year prison sentence in the U.S. for child abuse.

Defrocked Irish priest Oliver O’Grady did volunteer work for a church in Rotterdam for less than two years, and left the Netherlands in February before his identity became known.

O’Grady was the subject of an award-winning 2006 documentary, “Deliver Us from Evil,” in which he spoke openly of abusing more than 20 children and acknowledged that he was allowed to remain a priest after confessing to his bishop about the molestation.

A statement from the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests in the U.S. said the Dutch church “should be severely disciplined for failing to do even the most simple background check on this dangerous predator.”

Peter Kohnen, spokesman for the Dutch Bishop’s Conference, said the community was “shocked” when Dutch television aired the documentary earlier this month and some parishioners recognized O’Grady.

But Kohnen said the diocese had no reason to investigate him, since he was a volunteer and did not seek any official function.

Kohnen said O’Grady helped at a Rotterdam church that catered to expatriates, mainly by selecting the music. No one knew who he was, and he was using a different name.

“If they had checked, they wouldn’t have found anything,” he said.

O’Grady had a job in Rotterdam working for a fast food restaurant, Kohnen said.

O’Grady was deported to Ireland in 2001 after serving his sentence in a California state prison for molesting two brothers. Since then, the Diocese of Stockton has faced several lawsuits from alleged victims.

Pope breaks silence on abuse, urges repentance

I wholeheartedly concur with Mark Serrano’s comments below. He’s exactly correct in everything he stated. TGO

Refer to story below. Source: Associated Press

By NICOLE WINFIELD, Associated Press Writer Nicole Winfield, Associated Press Writer

VATICAN CITY – Pope Benedict XVI broke his recent silence on the clerical abuse scandal Thursday, complaining that the church was under attack but saying that “we Christians” must repent for sins and recognize mistakes.

The main U.S. victims group immediately dismissed his comments, saying they are meaningless unless Benedict takes concrete steps to safeguard children from pedophile priests.

Benedict made the remarks during an off-the-cuff homily at a Mass inside the Vatican for members of the Pontifical Biblical Commission.

“I must say, we Christians, even in recent times, have often avoided the word ‘repent’, which seemed too tough. But now under attack from the world, which has been telling us about our sins … we realize that it’s necessary to repent, in other words, recognize what is wrong in our lives,” Benedict said.

“Open ourselves to forgiveness … and let ourselves be transformed. The pain of repentance, which is a purification and transformation, is a grace because it is renewal and the work of divine mercy,” he said.

Victims of clerical abuse have long demanded that Benedict take more personal responsibility for clerical abuse, charging that the Vatican orchestrated a culture of cover-up and secrecy that allowed priests to rape and molest children unchecked for decades.

Those demands have intensified in recent weeks as the Vatican and Benedict himself have been accused of negligence in handling some cases in Europe and the United States.

“Factual disclosures are not ‘attacks’ and ‘penance’ protects no one,” said Mark Serrano, a spokesman for the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, the U.S. group.

“When the Pope can’t bring himself to utter the words ‘pedophile priest’ or ‘child sex crimes’ or ‘cover-ups’ or ‘complicit bishops,’ it’s hard to have faith that he is able to honestly and effectively deal with this growing crisis,” Serrano said in a statement.

Benedict’s comments were his fullest allusion yet to the scandal since he sent a letter to the Irish faithful March 20 concerning what Irish-government inquiries have concluded was decades of abuse and church-mandated cover-up in the country.

In his letter, Benedict chastised Irish bishops for failures in leadership and judgment. But he took no responsibility himself or for the Vatican, which many victims have blamed for being more concerned about protecting the church than children.

Vatican spokesman the Rev. Federico Lombardi confirmed that Benedict was referring to the scandal with his comments Thursday. Summaries of the pontiff’s remarks were reported on the front page of the Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore Romano and on Vatican Radio.

On Monday, the Vatican posted on its Web site what it claimed had been a long-standing church policy telling bishops that they should report abuse crimes to police, where civil laws require it.

But critics have said the guidelines were merely a deceptive attempt by Rome to rewrite history, designed to shield the Vatican from blame by shifting responsibility of dealing with abusive priests onto bishops.

The Rev. Thomas P. Doyle, a canon lawyer who has been the main expert witness for victims in hundreds of lawsuits, called the guidelines a “failed attempt at damage control through revision of history.”

He noted that senior Vatican officials, including the current Vatican No. 2, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, were quoted in 2002 as saying the church shouldn’t require bishops to report abusive priests to police because it would violate the trust the two shared.

“In practice, the policy has been to avoid contact with civil authorities and to cover up the crimes and the criminals,” Doyle wrote in an article this week. “The newly created canonical tradition of referral to civil authorities is the result of one thing: public outrage, the exposure from the media and the pressure for accountability in civil courts.”


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