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Hottie of the Day

Impressive… TGO

Jordan Carver: Get in Shape

Comments; please… TGO

Jordan Carver and Denise Milani

Who would you say is the most attractive; Jordan Carver or Denise Milani? For me it’s Denise all the way (she’s the brunette) – and it isn’t even close… TGO

Video: YouTube

Hottie of the Day

I’m beginning to grow fond of yoga… TGO

Note: Click on image to enlarge

Hottie of the Day

Trying to keep cool… TGO

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Happy Father’s Day

As my present to father’s around the world, here’s something I know you’ll enjoy… Happy Father’s Day!!! TGO


Another “hottie” in celebration of my 75,000-plus visitors to this Blog. She loves milk… Enjoy! TGO

Picture of the Day

She’s hot… TGO

Picture of the Day

Two for one on this special day…

Happy Valentine’s! TGO


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