Dubai plans underwater hotel made of submerged discs, not that it should surprise you

What will they think of next? TGO

Refer to story below. Source: Today in Tech/Tecca

By Mike Wehner, Tecca | Today in Tech

To say that the city of Dubai — located in the United Arab Emirates — is a playground for the wealthy would be a gross understatement. The urban wonderland is home to some of the most extravagant displays of affluence on Earth, so a new hotel popping up wouldn’t normally make headlines. But when the hotel will send guests to rooms located 10 meters below the sea, well, that changes things.

Apparently bored with the blasé above-ground digs available all over the city, a Deep Ocean Technology is making your submarine dreams a reality with “Discus,” a resort for people who prefer to look at some lush ocean life over a crowded cityscape. When construction is completed, Discus will feature a large, above-water disc — complete with a helipad, of course — where visitors can enjoy food, drink, and any other pleasure money can buy. Then, when night falls, guests can retreat down to the massive underwater portion of the resort where the extravagant suites reside.

Rooms will feature floor-to-ceiling views of underwater splendor, and the wealthy tourists who can afford a room will be treated not only to aquatic plants and animals, but also the calming quiet of being 10 meters below the hustle and bustle of oceanside life. The Discus project doesn’t have a firm completion date yet, but knowing that it’s located in Dubai is enough to tell us that we probably can’t afford it anyway.

Image credit: Deep Ocean Technology

via Bornrich

This article originally appeared on Tecca

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