Catholic church prays for NHL Canadiens team

Praying is going to do a great deal of good for this team. I’m certain that if there is a God, one of his primary concerns in this “perfect” world we live in is the performance of a Canadian hockey team.

The Catholic Church will do anything for publicity, and the masses are stupid enough to gobble it all up in shovel-fulls. TGO

Refer to brief story below. Source: Associated Press


When only a miracle can save the Montreal Canadiens’s dismal season, the Roman Catholic Church stepped in Thursday asking the faithful to pray for the ice hockey team.

The Canadiens are next-to-last in the National Hockey League’s 15-team eastern division standings and need to claw their way up to eighth place to play in the playoffs.

To help the Habs reach this goal, the Archdiocese of Montreal placed ads in local newspapers asking fans to pray for the hockey club.

The ad shows the division standings with every team listed except the Canadiens. In eighth place it simply says, “Let Us Pray.”

In a statement, the church said it hoped to demonstrate that it is “close to the people… with a sense of humor!” “And you, do you still have hope?” it asked.

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    1. You have a great Blog; I enjoy the content… Obviously you are an intelligent person who isn’t swayed by pressure from the religious mob. Keep up the good work!


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