Accuser says Herman Cain has ‘complete amnesia’

It isn’t ‘complete amnesia’ my dear, it’s ‘selective amnesia’, a malaise that all politicians miraculously suffer from. They always deny any wrongdoing; they also change their tune depending on the audience. And that’s OK, it’s what some of us who are intelligent and reasonable people have come to expect from politicians.

The problem is that the ignorant and gullible masses that support these perpetual liars believe in them as if they were gods, and so when a winner is chosen, the side that elected Liar No. 1 is elated, as they believe he can do no wrong. However, the side that voted for the loser, Liar No. 2, is terribly disappointed, and therefore believes that everything that Liar No. 1 does is wrong. For example, during the last elections I had Republicans telling me that Barack Obama was going to turn the United States into a communist State by the end of his first term and that people such as Fidel Castro (among others) would be staying at the White House.

The truth is that it really doesn’t matter who is president. The President is just a face, a figure-head, in much the same way that the Pope is a figure-head. These people are comparable to the Head Coach of a football team; they represent their respective franchise and get much of the credit when their team wins and the blame when their team loses. In reality however, it is the owner of the franchise who is calling the shots behind the scenes; the one making all of the important decisions. The owner of the United States is not the President, and definitely not the people. The owners are the big corporations: the banks, the oil companies, the pharmaceuticals, the insurance companies, the manufacturers of military equipment, and naturally Wall Street.

The bottom line is that people shouldn’t get all worked-up in a frenzy as to whether Herman Cain sexually harassed this woman or any other, or whether he carries a Bible under his arm or doesn’t. It really makes no difference. If you ask me, he did cross the line with these women, so what? He isn’t going to admit it any more than Clinton admitted to getting a BJ from Monica Lewinsky, as that would have been political-suicide in a country comprised of holier-than-thou hypocritical Christians. TGO

Refer to story below. Source: Associated Press


CHICAGO (AP) — A woman who claims Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain groped her when she went to him for help finding a job accused Cain on Wednesday of having “complete amnesia” in saying he did not remember her. Sharon Bialek, who spoke to reporters outside her suburban Chicago home, said when asked about Cain’s comments that he didn’t know her that he was lying.

“The man has complete amnesia, and I really believe that he believes in himself,” she said. “Pathological liars usually do those kinds of things.”

Bialek said she was “so proud” of another of Cain’s accusers, Karen Kraushaar, for coming forward by name. Two other women who say Cain behaved improperly toward them have not been identified publicly.

Bialek has said she approached Cain after he gave a speech at a Chicago-area tea party event several weeks ago. She denied reports that she hugged him at the event, saying instead that she grabbed his arm and whispered in his ear.

She told WMAQ-TV in Chicago in an interview broadcast Wednesday evening that Cain told her at the Tea Party event that he remembered her.

At a news conference in New York on Monday, Bialek said Cain made a sexual advance one night in July 1997, when she went to Washington to meet him and ask for help finding work. The encounter allegedly occurred while the two were in a car.

“Instead of going into the offices he suddenly reached over and he put his hand on my leg, under my skirt toward my genitals,” she said. “He also pushed my head toward his crotch,” she added.

Cain, a businessman and former National Restaurant Association executive, has insisted that he did not sexually harass anyone.

He has denied Bialek’s allegations and said Tuesday that he didn’t know who she was until her news conference. His campaign has sought to undercut Bialek’s credibility, sending a statement Tuesday that brought up her court battles in Cook County and reports of her involvement in a paternity case and a personal bankruptcy filing.

Bialek has primary custody of her 13-year-old son. The father of the boy is West Naze, an executive with News Corp.-owned News America Marketing. Both parents have battled in court over child support payments and custody. Naze did not return several phone calls seeking comment.

“My whole intention in this whole ordeal was to do just that, to make sure that there’s a voice,” Bialek said Wednesday. “And if I had to be the first one, so be it. I totally hope it doesn’t damage my reputation, but if I have to, fine.”

Bialek is the youngest of four sisters, said her brother-in-law, Mark Smith. In an interview with The Associated Press on Wednesday, Smith called the firestorm after Bialek came forward Monday “really overwhelming.”

“I don’t like the way people are looking at my sister-in-law, looking at her finances and all that,” he said. “She’s not looking for a penny. She’s just looking for an apology from Mr. Herman Cain.”

Joel Bennett, Kraushaar’s attorney, has said he hopes to have all four women appear at a joint news conference. Bialek said Wednesday morning that she hadn’t decided whether or not to join the conference, saying she had to consult with her attorney, Gloria Allred. Allred did not return messages seeking comment.

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