Religious symbols

It’s interesting how different religions throughout the world have adopted symbols which represent them. Below are just a few of these symbols; some which are obviously easily recognizable while others not so much.

Source: Wikipedia

Symbols representing some world religions, from left to right:

Row 1: Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism
Row 2: Islam, Buddhism, Shinto
Row 3: Sikhism, Bahai, Jainism

People such as myself, call us atheists, freethinkers, religious skeptics, non-believers, secular humanists, or anything else you wish, have obviously adopted symbols of our own. Ironically, although we are by far much more linear in our thinking than our religious counterparts, we have developed a larger array of symbols. Some of the more common ones are illustrated below, although there are many, many more. TGO


1. Atheist or Anti Theism Symbol
2. Atom of Atheism
3. Scarlet Letter
4. Darwin Fish
5. Invisible Pink Unicorn
6. Red and Black Ribbon
7. Atom Symbol
8. Atheist No Symbol

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