Casey Anthony /A TV producer who claims he met Casey Anthony after her release from prison

She really is obnoxious; I’m talking of Nancy Grace of course. If you notice in the clip she repeatedly tries to corner the man she’s questioning in addition to continually interrupting him. I’d be curious to know how many people who watch her show actually like her? I would venture to say not many… Me personally, I can only take a small dose of her, maybe a couple of minutes, before nausea sets in. TGO

Video: YouTube

2 responses

  1. There you go! You are getting the hang of it and I am happy happy for you as I know that there are many games that you hate playing. Lets say kissing executives butts, social networking in the business world, many little games in life that you find repulsive and refuse to play them regardless of the gains that can materialize from the sheer act of playing them.

    In reference to the Casey Anthony / Nancy Grace, story blogging, all I can say is,
    Milk it, Baby. Milk it Good – It’s the American Way


  2. Casey Anthony was NEVER ion prison, contrary to the claim. She was held all the time in jail until her release. Huge difference if one finds the facts relavant. :) -Jane


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