Is Tot Mom In Orlando?

“Tot mom;” this is what the “sweet” and “charming” (I’m being sarcastic) Nancy Grace nicknamed Casey Anthony.. And she’s going to milk Casey Anthony for as long as she possibly can. In fact, Casey’s murder trial may be the best thing that ever happened to Nancy Grace.

This week Casey was believed to be spotted back in Orlando, tomorrow it may be California, then possibly New York… Keep it going Nancy, continue using Casey to boost your bank account… TGO

Refer to story below. Source: CNN

July 19th, 2011,06:30 PM ET

CNN affiliate WFTV is reporting exclusively that a woman believed to be Casey Anthony was seen at Orlando Executive Airport Tuesday afternoon. According to WFTV, she was getting off of the same plane she was rumored to have boarded to leave town after her release from jail early Sunday morning.

The station showed aerial footage of a woman whose head was covered with a blanket running from the plane into the terminal.

Unofficial online flight tracking data does show that plane landed in Orlando at 3:28 pm Tuesday. FAA registration information for the plane has been linked to former Anthony defense attorney Todd Macaluso.

It had reportedly left Orlando around 3 am on Sunday, passing through Panama City and Houston before landing in Prescott, Arizona. The plane later traveled to Orange County, California and then San Carlos, California.

The identity of the woman WFTV caught leaving the plane in Orlando Tuesday has not been confirmed. Attorney Jose Baez told CNN affiliate WKMG that “I can 100 percent tell you that is not her.” Affiliate WESH also reported that its sources are saying Anthony was not on the plane.

One response

  1. First of all, I am never 100% sure of anything I say and to ascertain the correct or incorrectness of any of my thoughts or statements, one would have to check ’em against some sort of universal “Correct Answers” manual.

    It seems that this Nancy Grace is an American and one thing I am absolutely sure of is that I am one, having been born in The Big Apple. From everything I feel within -and not always or necessarily, for monetary gains – “milking” is the American way.
    All I can say is, if you look good in a Speedo or plain white underwear, and can get a company like Calvin Klein to pay you for taking pictures of you while you prance around semi-naked in them, “Milk it, Baby.”
    If you’re some good looking bachelor Tennis Pro at some country club and can get “laid” daily by acting silly or by, “charming”, the female guests, “Milk it, Baby.”
    Had Denise Milani and I, fallen deeply in love in high school, I don’t have the slightest doubt that we would have gotten married and I’d have said to her, “Lets invest in some good photographic equipment and milk ’em, Baby.”
    To all the Anthonys or Nancy Graces in this game i say, “Milk it, Baby” – you have been being milked all this time.

    On the other hand, to everybody out there who, due to principals or any other reasoning, refuse to, or do not feel comfortable “milking” something for personal gains of any kind, I say, “By all means, don’t.”


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