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A beautiful view… TGO

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  1. lovely lovely….


    1. Yes indeed. By the way, love your Blog.


    2. @Rincewind… I learned two things about myself that were previously unknown, by visiting your blog which is so cool – both your blog and the discoveries about myself. One was a fetish that I have that I was not completely aware of and how it led to getting married. This story will explain it:
      Back in ’77, when I was 21, I went out on a first date with a 17yr old blue eyed blond. Went out with another young couple to Beefsteak Charlie’s, a steakhouse, – coincidently, the boy was the very writer of this blog, The Great One – finally after dinner, when I was able to jettison the extra baggage, lol, I headed off to the local Playboy Club to show off my worldiness to this teenage girl. After we are seated and our drinks get there, I pulled out a nice looking cigarette case – probably just cost me a couple of bucks – pulled out a fag, lit it, and as we are talking after a few drags, this girl leans in and close – at that age I was probably very close to a premature ejacution – pulls the fag off my lips and proceeds to take a couple of drags herself. The moment was so hot, hooked I was and 2 years later, we got married.


    3. I suppose your commentary is bait for a follow-up question; so I’ll ask it. What two things were learned?


  2. […] Posted by Rincewind  A beautiful view… TGO Note: Click on image to enlarge … Read More […]


  3. I LIKE very much! :-D


  4. @TGO… Ahhh, the mind of a pathological skeptic. As Yoda would say: Linear in thinking, are you… Both are stated in the story and If you once more read the comment I made, you’ll – accurately this time – read: “@Rincewind… I learned two things…” OK, so first of all, so as to enlighten you, the symbol @ followed by a name, means the writer is directing his comment at a specific someone. So if your assumption is right – although it’s wrong again – the bait, which there isn’t any, would be directed at someone else. I continued by writing, “One was a fetish that I have that I was not completely aware of…” Obviously, if you comprehended what you read – not a common trait with skeptics as they are in an alternate reality – and if you had surfed Rincewind’s Blog like I did – in a totally non-linear way and with an open mind – you’d understand that I have a “Smoking Girl” fetish. The total beauty and exoticness of a women lives in countless layers, not just in two giant tits. As I sat in that Playboy Club next to this blue-eyed, 17yr old blond, I took it all in. The beauty as she would coquettishly tilt her head to take a drag. The lovely abstract art form her hands would take as she held and brought it to her lips. The lips. The whisper of smoke as she exhaled, exhaling whispers of sweet nothings along with the shape shedding smoke. Sitting there at 21, I took her whole beautiful consciousness in. And that’s why I married her. So, if you’ve kept count, that makes 2 things I learned. Love and Peace, my friend.


    1. You expected me, or anyone else for that matter, from your cryptic commentary, to come to the conclusion that a cigarette-smoking woman turns you on? There are countless other subtleties (and other not so subtle things) that could be taken from Rincewind’s Blog.


    2. haha, good story Ghostrider, I still need to find my smoking girl, oddly enough all my girls so far have been non-smokers which kinda doesn’t make sense considering what I like but then I also fancy redheads as well and never had me a redhead either. (Think I might be a sucker for pain as well:)


  5. PS… It was about time you changed the blog theme and I noticed Mila was back.


    1. Yes, you know me, I get bored with the “same old stuff.” Maybe she’s back, maybe not.


  6. @TGO…. Absolutely not, I never, in a million years, expected you, from my cryptic commentary, to come to the correct conclusion. Which is why, and I reiterate, my comment was directed at Rincewind who I correctly knew, would understand and come to the, not only correct conclusion, buy the only one obtainable.
    @ Rincewind… Hang in there Buddy, in an infinite universe, all possible scenarios manifest themselves – given enough time.


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