Battle over condoms enters Philippine Congress

The Catholic Church continues to act against humanity…

These selfish bastards in the Catholic Church, who simply want greater numbers of followers, continue to push against condom use and birth control in general, regardless of the fact that the Philippines is extremely over-populated. The country has a total land area smaller than the state of New Mexico and yet has a population of 100 million people (12th largest in the world)! Most of these people live in poverty, but the Catholic Church doesn’t care about that. Very humane, isn’t it? TGO

Refer to story below. Source: Associated Press

MANILA, Philippines (AP) — After simmering for months, a wide-ranging and acrimonious debate over government-funded access to contraceptives in the Philippines has entered the country’s Congress.

The issue pits the powerful and conservative Catholic establishment, which says contraceptives are as sinful as abortions, against reformers who want more openness about condoms and other birth control in the impoverished Southeast Asian nation to slow population growth and help prevent disease.

A reproductive health bill introduced Tuesday in the House of Representatives would require the government to provide information on family planning methods, make contraceptives available free of charge and introduce reproductive health and sexuality classes in schools.

President Benigno Aquino III, still widely popular a year after a landslide election victory, has backed artificial birth control even if it means risking excommunication from the dominant Roman Catholic church.

Supporters believe the measure will slow the Philippines’ rapid population growth that some believe contributes to the country’s crushing poverty.

Influential bishops have blocked family planning bills in the past by arguing that they would erode moral values and encourage promiscuity and early pregnancies.

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