The new tax havens

GhostRider rides again and brings you this:

American companies are finding new overseas tax havens to legally protect some of their profits. Funny ’cause these companies still bitch and moan about having to pay for workers health care. What happened to give and take? Oh, they can take all right! I tell ya, American Capitalism, or more accurately, American Corporate Capitalism has become a monster of a system that in my unusually pessimistic opinion will not be reigned in. But wait, as I watched this segment I thought… It’s not these companies’ fault, they are in business to make money, so that means if their management, the CEOs, succeed and are smart for making moves like a Cisco working out of Ireland, then more power to them.

It all becomes clear. It’s the company that’s called The United States of America that is not being run successfully. Of course it isn’t, how can we expect the largest and most powerful company in all of the known Universe to be run as effectively as, let’s say even a Walt Disney World, when, really, a moron like Sara Palin is considered as a possible CEO of USA in 2012.

But then again, that might change. Our country’s management team right now is not made up of the smartest graduates in the country much less the smartest business graduates, for God’s sake, you don’t even need a degree to be a politician. So let’s see… 535 in Congress, our company’s “headquarters,” and let’s add to that the 50 governors that are running our company’s “50 departments.” Lets’ not even throw in the couple of thousand mayors running all of the little offices that makes up the 50 departments, which make up our company. What do we have? A company that’s being run, managed, by a team of about 600, for arguments sake, lets call them MORONS  – Hey, in any business out there that is losing the absolutely absurd amount that this one is, there is not one chance in hell that this management team would not be considered morons.

So, thinking about Sara Palin as CEO for this bunch is consistent, but all seriousness aside… How the hell can we change the structure of our organization, and make no mistake about it, without a complete reorganization of how this company is run? What we are seeing right now is only the first of many consequential waves of destruction to come. Consequential waves like the banking and home foreclosure nightmare, the unemployment rate, the losses incurred by Enron, et al,.The Wisconsin enslavement of its teachers, the Alabama mugging of retired city workers. All this can be a just the beginning.

The only way it can be changed is if we restructure the whole “management” part – somehow, we are going to have to add amendments to the constitution of morons not qualifying for elected posts. We have to take a look at the fortune 500 companies as models. As a matter of fact, just let’s look at the top 3. Do their CEOs have 4, 5, 6-year degrees? Are they in business, law, finance?

Hey, enough of my gibberish, just watch this segment and it will all make sense, although I think we might be screwed:;mostpopvideo

Till another time in space…


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