Malaysia agrees to release 35,000 seized Bibles

Oh my! Sometimes when I read these absurd articles I feel embarrassed to belong to the same species as these members of the human race. The amount of manure consumed and expelled by religious people throughout the world would provide enough fuel to propel a rocket-ship from Earth to a far distant galaxy light years away; AND with enough fuel to return to Earth. TGO

Refer to brief story below. Source: Associated Press

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) — Malaysia’s government has agreed to release some 35,000 imported Bibles seized by customs officials amid a dispute over their use of the word “Allah” as a translation for God.

Authorities say they fear that Malay-language Bibles using the word “Allah” for God will confuse Muslims. Such Bibles must be stamped with the words “For Christians Only,” which is generally meant to prevent anyone from trying to convert Muslims.

The Prime Minister’s office said in a statement that the government was releasing the Bibles, but assured Malaysia’s majority Muslims that the decision would not jeopardize their ongoing court case on whether non-Muslims have the constitutional right to use “Allah.”

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