Al-Qaida claims attack on Yemen Shiites

Wouldn’t it be great if the Sunnis and Shiites blew each other up to the point where their numbers diminished to zero? It will never happen of course, but one can always dream. Either way, these religious freaks are among the biggest morons on the planet. TGO

Refer to brief story below. Source: Associated Press

CAIRO – Al-Qaida’s affiliate in Yemen has claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing killing Shiite tribesmen in northern Yemen.

In a statement appearing Sunday on extremist websites, Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula described the Shiites as “despicable plants” to be uprooted, according to the SITE Intelligence Unit, which monitors such sites.

On Wednesday, a suicide car bomber struck a convoy of Shiites in northern Yemen killing 17.

Extremist Sunnis despise Shiites and consider them heretics.

Though an estimated 15-30 percent of the population is Shiite, Yemen has been spared the sectarian warfare once common in Iraq.

The Hawthi Shiite tribesman in Yemen, however, have waged an on-and-off struggle against the government for the last six years.

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