Muslims on Saudi hajj perform devil stoning ritual

Oh boy, just look at the collection of people, mostly grown men, acting like a bunch of crazed lunatics (which in reality is what they are). This is the result of religious fanaticism. It turns otherwise normal people into complete imbeciles. How our species has survived this long with such an overwhelming majority of religious nut-jobs across the globe, and all their baggage, is beyond me. TGO

Refer to brief story below. Source: Associated Press

By SARAH EL DEEB, Associated Press Sarah El Deeb, Associated Press

MINA, Saudi Arabia – Pilgrims on hajj in Saudi Arabia have began casting pebbles at three pillars that represent Satan in a symbolic rejection of temptation, as Muslims around the world celebrate the Eid holiday.

Thousands at the site in Mina climbed Tuesday a giant ramp recently expanded by Saudi authorities to prevent deadly crowding, toward the walls that represent Satan. In the heavy traffic, crushes and pileups have killed hundreds, most recently in 2006.

The stoning ritual will be repeated for two more days, until the end of the hajj.

The pilgrimage is a religious duty for every Muslim able to carry it out.

Tuesday also marked the start of Eid al-Adha, when Muslims slaughter sheep and cattle in remembrance of Abraham’s near-sacrifice of his son.

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