If Palin runs for presidency, it will be ‘to win it’

If this ding-bat, Sarah Palin, even comes remotely close to winning the Republican Party nomination for the presidency of the United States, this country will have reached an all-time low, making even the Bush presidency (as bad as it was) pale in comparison. As dumb as I believe the masses of any country to be, I really cannot conceive that the people of this nation would allow this woman to even sniff the White House. Hopefully my “faith” in the intelligentsia of this country won’t let me down. TGO

Refer to story below. Source: Associated Press

Tue Nov 9, 10:56 pm ET

PLUMSTEADVILLE, Pennsylvania (AFP) – Sarah Palin teased yet another audience about whether she will seek the presidency in 2012, but the US conservative powerhouse insisted that if she did run, she would be “in it to win it.”

Palin, the Republican 2008 vice presidential candidate, told several hundred people at a fundraiser for a Christian school in Pennsylvania that she would need to take “prayerful consideration” of a White House bid and acknowledged such a move would require “great sacrifices” from her family.

“I wouldn’t do it just to shake it up,” she said when asked whether she was considering a presidential bid in two years time.

“I’d be in it to win it. I would certainly have to put a lot more thought in it than what I could give you today in terms of an answer.”

Her comments echoed those made by Democrat Hillary Clinton — the woman who to date made the most serious bid for the presidency — in January 2007, when she announced her candidacy by telling Americans “I’m in. And I’m in to win.”

Clinton ended up narrowly losing the Democratic Party nomination to Barack Obama, who appointed her secretary of state after he became president.

Palin has emerged as a kingmaker of sorts, endorsing several candidates — many of them women aligned with the conservative anti-establishment Tea Party movement — who won in last week’s mid-term elections that saw Republicans regain control of the House of Representatives from Democrats.

Analysts and political followers have long wondered whether she would seek the White House, and in late October she said she would run “if there is nobody else to do it.”

Before Palin’s speech Tuesday, a student from the Plumstead Christian School sang a moving rendition of “God Bless America.”

Moments later, Palin walked onstage and quipped: “Would you like to sing at an inauguration? Not necessarily mine!”

2 responses

  1. Open your mind…
    Believe it TGO. If at this point if she hasn’t already, by 2012 Palin will have indeed surpassed Clinton’s DC power-playing clout and with people like me
    a plenty, – I wouldn’t vote for corporate America’s party per se, the Republicans, and the Demos just don’t seem to have the muscle to change the dirty capitalistic regime that panders to Corporate America – people with minds a bit open like myself, we may just flip a coin and go with this Mad Tea Party that will be a given for Palin votes.
    In any case… “By the people, of the people, for the people” and I have not seen definitive proof, in my adult lifetime, that this is not a nation of DINGBATS!
    So, given that, WTF!
    PS… If she does make it to the White House I will make a trip there just to try to get a “sniff” of her – ohhhhh, such a sweet scent that must be! LOL


    1. I must admit; Sarah Palin is definitely HOT! I wouldn’t mind a “sniff” of her myself…


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