Webclip shows Israeli soldier dancing aound prisoner

The Jews are really doing a good job of demonstrating that they view Palestinians as their equal, so that someday the two cultures can come together and consequently initiate peace in the region. That last sentence was no doubt full of sarcasm. Anyone with half a brain knows this (Middle East peace) will never occur. Jews believe they’re better than anyone else, and Muslims are too obsessed with their religious beliefs to ever befriend the Jews. In the end, there is just too much “bad blood” between these two groups for peace to even be in the conversation when discussing Jews and Palestinians.

Click on the link below to watch video. TGO

Refer to story below. Source: Associated Press

JERUSALEM (AFP) – A grainy video of an Israeli soldier belly-dancing around a bound and blindfolded female Palestinian prisoner went viral overnight after it was played on Israeli television.

The clip — screened late on Monday by the private Channel 10 television — shows a soldier gyrating to rhythmic drumbeat of an Arabic track as the woman, who is wearing a headscarf, huddles against a wall, her hands bound in front of her and her eyes bound with a white cloth.

The soldier, who is wearing sunglasses and grinning broadly, repeatedly brushes up close to the woman who has a Hebrew speech bubble coming out of her mouth reading “Allahu Akbar” — Arabic for “God is greatest.”Arabs

Crudely captioned “israeli soldier catch arab terrorist (he dance on haer) funny” the clip lasts just over a minute.

Exposure of the video came just six weeks after an Israeli soldier sparked widespread outrage by posting pictures of herself smiling and larking around next to blindfolded and handcuffed Palestinian prisoners.

The army denounced the photographs as “shameful,” while the Palestinian Authority describing them as humiliating but the former soldier could not understand why the images had caused such offence.

Rights groups said at the time that photographs were clear evidence of a culture within the military that treated Palestinians as objects rather than human beings.

The military had no immediate comment on the latest YouTube video, which can be found here:

  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxFlmXbzY3

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