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Here is some late-breaking news; not only are some of the verses of the Quran not authentic, none of the verses of the Quran are authentic. But, before all you fanatical Muslims out there get too excited  and start making more bombs, it is important to note that the same is true of the Bible. In other words, the Bible is not the inspired word of God either; it’s all make-believe. Surprise!!! TGO

Refer to brief story below. Source: Associated Press

Egypt’s top Islamic institution says remarks by Coptic bishop about Quran were irresponsible

CAIRO (AP) — Egypt’s top Islamic institution criticized a senior Coptic bishop who reportedly disputed the authenticity of some verses of the Quran, warning that the statement threatened Egypt’s national unity.

Bishop Bishoy, head of the Coptic Church’s theological council and considered its No. 2 official, was quoted in Egyptian media reports saying that some verses were inserted into the Muslim holy book after the death of the Prophet Muhammad. Islam teaches that the prophet received all verses through the archangel Gabriel during his lifetime.

The two communities generally live in peace. However tensions between Egypt’s Muslims and its Coptic minority are increasing over issues like the construction of new churches, bitter arguments over conversions and theological disputes.

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