11 killed in persistent Iraq violence

Is Iraq a great country or what? These barbarians continue to set off bombs and kill innocent people; and the reason, you guessed it: religion. It’s not enough that the people in this stinking country are Muslims. For you see, all Muslims are not created equal. Therefore, if an individual is the “wrong” kind of Muslim then he or she is the enemy of the “right” kind of Muslim. It’s very similar to the conflict between Catholics and Protestants; both groups are Christians, but each believe that the other group is full of shit. In truth, both groups are full of shit, as are Evangelicals, Lutherans, Baptists, Methodists, Pentecostals, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Muslims, Jews, Mormons, Scientologists; the list is endless.

The human race really is pathetic. On the one hand we have science, which has allowed us to understand not only our world but the mechanisms that govern the entire universe, to land men on the moon, to cure diseases, etc. On the other hand we have religion, not only absolutely worthless, but much more than that, religion is the most destructive of man’s inventions – by far! It is not by coincidence that the most religious people are also the most backward. Yet most people, even those living in advanced, civilized societies cannot let go of the superstitions and imbecilities not only inherent but necessary for religious belief. Hopefully one day this will all change. Until then, people will continue to slaughter one another in the name of their favorite God. TGO

Refer to story below. Source: Associated Press

By SINAN SALAHEDDIN, Associated Press Writer Sinan Salaheddin, Associated Press Writer

BAGHDAD – Drive-by shootings and a spate of bombings killed 11 people and wounded dozens more Sunday in fresh reminders of persistent violence across Iraq despite an overall drop in attacks nationwide.

At least 30 people were injured in separate and apparently unrelated attacks, Iraqi police hospitals officials said. Five of the dead were Iraqi police and security forces.

In the most gruesome example, gunmen opened fire on worshippers as they were leaving dawn prayers in town of Jurf al-Sakhr just south of the capital, killing three and wounding one, said Maj. Muthana Khalid, the spokesman for Babil province police.The attack occurred at about 4:00 a.m.

Worshippers converge in high numbers to mosques during the holy month of Ramadan — a period devoted to prayer and dawn-to-dusk fasting.

Hours later, rush-hour bombings across Baghdad hit commuters on their way to work, killing four and injuring at least 16.

The deadliest strike came when a roadside bomb exploded next to a minibus heading from the Shiite neighborhood of Sadr City into downtown that killed three people, including a police officer, a police officer said.

Nine others were wounded in the attack which occurred at about 7:15 a.m. A hospital worker confirmed the casualties.

Few minutes earlier, three bombs planted a few yards (meters) away from each other in a downtown business district blew up simultaneously. Police and hospital officials said a bystander was killed and seven injured.

Another roadside bomb targeted a traffic police patrol in eastern Baghdad, killing one and injuring eight people, a police officer said. Two traffic policemen were among the wounded.

Traffic police, many of whom are unarmed, have become a new target for attackers. More than a dozen have been killed in shootings and bombings across Iraq recently.

An attempted assassination of a senior police official from the northern Ninevah province visiting Baghdad killed one of his bodyguards and wounded another when a bomb attached to his car exploded in the southern Dora neighborhood.

Meanwhile, gunmen in a speeding car attacked an Iraqi army check point in Ninevah provincial capital Mosul, killing one soldier and injuring another, local police said.

A bomb attached to the car of a local commander of an anti-al-Qaida militia in the western Baghdad suburb of Abu Ghraib exploded, killing him and wounding two of his bodyguards.

All officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to talk to the media.


Associated Press Writers Hamid Ahmed and Lara Jakes contributed to this report.

2 responses


    I, and I am sure many other Catholics, are asking:

    ‘Did we suffer all that terrifying threat of hellfire and brimstone as children, for the sake of a LIE’?

    ‘Are women being stoned for the sake of a LIE?’

    ‘Is this the reason we have been labelled ‘His flock of sheep’ and He ‘Our Shepherd’?


    1. I’m afraid the answer is; YES, humans are a mere flock of sheep!

      And YES again; all that fire and brimstone was for the sake of a lie.

      And YES yet again; women are being stoned to death for the sake of a lie.

      And once again, YES; all of our labels are based on lies, on lies and superstitions.


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