Saudi: OK to uncover face in anti-burqa countries

I don’t believe it, a voice of reason from a Muslim cleric. I wonder how other Muslims view this  man’s statements? TGO

Refer to story below. Source: Associated Press

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia – A popular Muslim cleric says it is permissible for Saudi women to reveal their faces in countries where the Islamic veil is banned, while criticizing efforts in Europe to outlaw the garment.

Sheik Aedh al-Garni’s ruling was in response to a question from a Saudi woman in France about how to respond to a movement there to ban full-face veils. Governments in Spain and Belgium are also considering bans.

Al-Garni said Muslims should not challenge the issue in such nations at risk of breaking laws. His ruling, or fatwa, was published Saturday in Al-Hayat newspaper.

Some European nations have struggled to balance their national identities with growing Muslim populations that have cultural practices that clash with their own.

(This version CORRECTS spelling of cleric’s first name.)

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