Indian boy with eight limbs has successful surgery

And people still believe that there is a God who cares for his “earthly children” and watches over them… What nonsense! I suppose this God takes many coffee breaks, and that is when all the pain and suffering realized by humans occurs. TGO

Refer to story below. Source: Associated Press

by Imran Khan Imran Khan

BIHAR, India (AFP) – An Indian boy with eight limbs whose veneration as a god propelled him in to the public spotlight has been operated on to give him the chance of a normal life, his father said Wednesday.

Deepak Paswan, 7, was born in one of the least developed parts of India with a parasitic twin conjoined to his abdomen, which meant he had four legs and four arms but one head.

Hindu pilgrims from the area near his village in the northern state of Bihar used to visit the household to worship him as an incarnation of the god Vishnu, who is often depicted with more than four limbs.

His family, uncomfortable with the attention, appealed publicly for help in March to secure an operation to have the unwanted limbs removed.

Their wish was granted on May 30 in a hospital in the southern city of Bangalore which bore the cost of the complicated and dangerous procedure.

“We always wanted surgery to remove the parasitic twin to get rid of him being treated as a religious object by people,” his father, Viresh Paswan, told AFP by telephone.

“My dream has come true, now we will celebrate it after returning to my village.”

The father, a low-caste construction worker in his mid-30s, called the four-hour operation a “miracle” and said his son would now be able to go to school “like any boy of his age”.

Deepak’s story mirrors that of Lakshmi Tatma, a girl from Bihar who was born with four arms and four legs but who was successfully operated on in 2007.

She was also treated as a rare child with divine powers before she was operated on, a hospital bearing the cost of the 50,000-dollar surgery.

Her remarkable story made her famous worldwide and she was the subject of television documentaries and newspaper articles in countries across the globe.

The Fortis Hospital in Bangalore said a team of 15 doctors worked on Deepak’s case and after months of consultations went ahead with the complicated surgery.

“He is 100 percent fit,” said chief surgeon Ramcharan Thiagrajan, adding that doctors faced a challenge to ensure his intestines functioned correctly in the long run.

“Due to all the mockery and stigma he has faced he is very restless and nervous. But now after this successful operation and counselling he will lead a normal life.”

A parasitic twin occurs when a twin embryo begins to develop in the mother, but ultimately does not separate. This results in a semi-formed twin adjoined to the body of the developed twin.

2 responses

  1. Being born mutated doesn’t necessarily mean God is punishing this child. I believe it should remind him that we are all born unique. Imagine how many times a person has uttered if only I has two other sets of arms (to help in the areas). Yes, he should consider himself lucky. I think people only see it as a curse because we are use to the norm that humans are born with two arms and two legs only. No conjoined or parasitic twin or growth growing on our sides or belly’s.
    However, if him to realise this he would have to be taught that way.


    1. You have got to be kidding!!! Are you so blinded by your religion that you actually try to justify as a good thing that children are born with all kinds of physical deformaties and mental disorders? I suppose you wouldn’t mind going through life looking the way the child in the article looks; unable to even wear a shirt or blouse (depending on your sex). Is this what you’re saying, or is OK just because it’s someone else and not you or one of your children (assuming you have any)?

      You’re right about one thing: “Being born mutated doesn’t necessarily mean God is punishing the child.” That’s because there is no God. But if there was, he certainly couldn’t be all-good and all-powerful – having the power to prevent these kinds of things and not being good enough to do so.


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