Boy bullfighter, 12, is youngest in Mexico ring


Obviously this boy’s parents are too stupid or too hungry for money (or both) to objectively decide what’s best for their son.

And talk about stupidity, leave it to those blood-thirsty Spaniards to invent such a meaningless spectacle. I say if they want to prove their masculinity, let them go into the arena with nothing but a cape and a knife; and no bleeding the bull or dehydrating it before entering the ring to weaken it. Let’s make it a fair “fight.” I just want the brain-dead bullfighter (the real beast in this scenario) and the bull together in the ring until one or the other is unable to get up. Under these circumstances, my money is with the bull every single time.  TGO

Refer to story below. Source: Associated Press

Sun Jun 6, 10:17 pm ET

MEXICO CITY – A 12-year-old French-Mexican boy has become the youngest novice bullfighter to perform in Mexico City’s main ring.

Michel “Michelito” Lagravere successfully killed his first bull, which weighed 893 pounds (405 kilograms).

But the “novillero” lost his footing while facing the second bull and was knocked around the sand by the 848-pound (385-kilogram) animal.

“Michelito” was taken from the ring for X-rays. His father said he suffered only bruises and was expected to be released later Sunday.

Michel Lagravere, also a bullfighter, added that he was both fearful and proud watching his son in the ring.

The boy told AP Television News from a stretcher that he was left “with a good taste in my mouth” from his appearance.

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