Internet error led to boozy Christ in textbook

We humans are a hypocritical and deranged bunch, aren’t we? A company appears to have made an honest mistake and the director of the company was issued an arrest warrant for “offending religious sentiment.” Then here comes the mighty Roman Catholic Church to ban all textbooks from the company, while Protestant leaders want a public apology.

Is this the same Roman Catholic Church that has known that countless of its homosexual priests have molested children for decades if not centuries and has covered it up? Why I believe it is. Protestant churches, with their televangelists picking the pockets of the poor and gullible masses that support them are no better. Yet these bogus organizations get offended over an inappropriate photograph of Jesus (a mistake no less) to the point that a man is being arrested and will more than likely lose his livelihood? Religions in general and religious people in particular are a hypocritical bunch indeed. TGO

Refer to story below. Source: Associated Press

NEW DELHI (AFP) – The publisher of an Indian school textbook that included a picture of Jesus Christ with a beer can and cigarette said the image was taken from the Internet and used by mistake, a report said Wednesday.

The picture was discovered in a handwriting book for children in church-run schools in the Christian-majority northeastern state of Meghalaya where it was used to illustrate the letter “I” for the word “Idol.”

“It was a human error,” Inder Mohan Jha, director of the New Delhi-based Skyline Publications, told the Indian Express newspaper, blaming it on a design agency tasked with the layout and contents of the book.

“They seem to have lifted an offensive photo off the Internet,” he added.

A court has issued an arrest warrant against him for offending religious sentiment. The incident also drew condemnation from Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini on Monday.

The Roman Catholic Church in India has banned all textbooks by Skyline, while Protestant leaders called for a public apology.

“I apologise for my mistake. I have tendered my apology with a local newspaper,” in Shillong, capital of Meghalaya, he was quoted as saying.

Jha said the books, 200 of which were distributed in December in Shillong, were part of a lot of 1,200. The other books had not been distributed.

“It was my first published set of books,” he said, adding he had started his Skyline company only four months ago.

The newspaper said Jha declined to disclose his location, only saying he was not in New Delhi and would return to the Indian capital in a few days.

Christians account for 2.3 percent of India’s billion-plus Hindu-majority population. The main concentrations are in the northeast, the eastern state of Orissa and in the southern states of Kerala and Goa.

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  1. Decades if not centuries? Very clever. Why not millenia and ages, right through to David and Abraham? Your allegations, Sir, are more bogus than a century old tradition, which a few paedophiles cannot represent. Thank you for the article.


    1. First of all, thank you for your comments. I must admit that I am bright, although I wasn’t being clever in my commentary on this article; just stating the facts. In the event you’re not aware, there have been allegations of child abuse against the Catholic Church for decades; as far back as the 1950s. Obviously there just wasn’t the media exposure back then that there is today. Furthermore, when I mention child abuse by the Church I am not merely referring to child abuse in the United States, but across the globe; other countries have children also. In third world countries child abuse is much more prevalent than it is in the United States and western Europe. Your reference to a “few pedophiles” is quite frivolous, as if only a handful of pedophiles have ever provided services for the Catholic Church. I’m not an apologist for the Church, therefore I can say that just one pedophile is one too many. I wonder how you would feel, Sir, if one of your children had been molested by a priest. Would you make apologies for him?

      By the way, as grotesque as child abuse is, this is not the only and possibly not even the worst crime against humanity that the Roman Catholic Church has been responsible for. The torture and butchery of countless so-called “heretics” and “witches” during the Inquisition lasted for centuries; surely you aren’t going to deny that. Do you actually believe that if people were being roasted alive as easily as we roast a pork chop, that children were not being abused by the Church during the centuries of the Inquisition? I’ll leave you with that thought.

      Have a good day.


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