Suicide attacks in Chechnya kill 4

People continue to blow themselves up in the name of an invisible man in the sky. When will this madness end? TGO

Refer to brief story below. Source: Associated Press

GROZNY, Russia – Suicide bombers detonated explosives in Chechnya‘s provincial capital on Friday, killing at least four police officers in separate attacks, officials said.

Russian emergency services spokesman Alexei Zemskov said another four policemen were wounded in the attacks in the city of Grozny.

Zemskov said suicide bombers approached police officers in two locations in the city of Grozny and detonated their explosives.

Russian news agencies reported that there were several other explosions in Grozny, but it wasn’t immediately clear whether there were more victims.

The attacks follow Monday’s suicide bombing of a police station in neighboring Ingushetia which killed 25 and injured over 160. The bombing was the worst attack in years in the volatile North Caucasus region and unraveled Kremlin claims that it has managed to bring calm and prosperity to the impoverished region’s patchwork of ethnic groups, clans and religions.

While large-scale battles ended years ago in Chechnya, which has been ravaged by two separatist wars since 1994, rebels have continued daily raids against police and other authorities in Chechnya.

The violence also has increasingly spilled into neighboring provinces of  Ingushetia and Dagestan.

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