Madonna pens article for Israeli daily

Madonna is still sizzling hot, but she’s apparently lost all her marbles. First she’s adopting kids from 5th world countries, despite all of the American-born children without parents… Fine, kids are kids and any child in need is worth helping. But it seems as if she’s now (or already has been) leaning toward Judaism. Are you kidding me? The “Material Girl” wearing the big cross in her  previous videos; could she now switch over to the star of David? Religions, with all their symbolism, really are a silly thing. TGO

Refer to brief story below. Source: Associated Press

Wed Jul 29, 8:35 am ET

JERUSALEM – Israel’s biggest daily newspaper is boasting a new international correspondent – Madonna.

The Material Girl’s byline is on the front page of Wednesday’s issue of Yediot Ahronot with an excerpt from her upcoming article headlined: “How My Life Changed.”

The paper translated her words into Hebrew. Madonna’s full article is to be published Friday.

Madonna isn’t Jewish but she has adopted the Hebrew name of Esther and studies Jewish mysticism.

She made a private pilgrimage to Israel in 2004 and plans two shows in the country in September as part of her Sticky & Sweet tour.

In her article, the 50-year-old entertainer describes her religious awakening almost 14 years ago, saying she realized fame and fortune were not the end but only the beginning.

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