Fla. priest who left Catholic Church preps sermon

Isn’t it amazing how anyone associated with religion can break the rules of the church they belong to, or even of society, and be pardoned by the community simply because they are a “man of the cloth.”

A former co-worker who is as religious (Catholic) as they come knows a priest from his congregation who was expelled from the church for repeated sexual acts against boys, acts that he admitted to after many of the boys (now young men) came forward and testified against him. Yet this pedophile does not face criminal charges through our judicial system for any of his crimes! Anyone reading this who is an attorney please help me understand this… Going back to my former co-worker, he actually invites this ex-priest to his home for Sunday dinners with his wife and three children; an admitted pedophile mind you, because he claims that despite the man’s “mistakes,” that he is still a man of God. Yet he considers me and others like me who are decent individuals lost souls, who are going straight to hell, simply because we are non-believers (he’s never actually said this in so many words but I know it is what he believes). I find his rationale incredibly stupid and yet quite typical of the way true believers have been conditioned to “think” over years of indoctrination, usually beginning during early childhood.

To be clear, the former Catholic priest described in this article and pictured below was not accused of a moral crime against society, although he did break the all-important covenant of sexual abstinence which is key to being a priest or nun as established by the Roman Catholic Church. I realize this is a ridiculous, archaic mandate of this particular church, but that’s not the point here. The point, again, is that it seems to me that our society is favorably prejudiced toward religious individuals simply because they believe, or allege to believe, in God. This I will never understand. TGO

Refer to story below. Source: Associated Press

MIAMI – A popular Miami priest is going to give his first sermon since leaving the Roman Catholic Church in the wake of photographs of him kissing his girlfriend on the beach.

The Rev. Alberto Cutie (KOO’-tee-ay) will speak at an Episcopal church Sunday morning. He joined the church because it allows its priests to marry.

Cutie says his decision to switch churches was made over time, not since the uproar over the photos. The images appeared in a Spanish-language magazine and rocked South Florida’s Spanish-speaking community.

Cutie got the nickname “Father Oprah” because he gave relationship advice on a TV show.

His first sermon since leaving the Catholic Church will be at the Church of The Resurrection. It will take him at least a year to be certified as an Episcopal priest.

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