Israel upset at Argentina recognition of Palestine

Gee, what a surprise… What does one expect from the Jews, as if they were ever willing to compromise? Of course Israel is disappointed by Argentina’s recognition of a Palestinian state. Israel’s leaders’ agenda is to never sign a peace treaty and  maintain the status quo; this is quite clear to anyone following these bogus “peace talks.” TGO

Refer to brief story below. Source: Associated Press

JERUSALEM – Israeli Foreign Ministry officials say they are disappointed by Argentina’s recognition of a Palestinian state in territories Israel occupied in 1967.

Spokesman Yigal Palmor said the recognition was “disappointing and damaging,” and counterproductive to Israeli-Palestinian peacemaking. He said Tuesday that both parties have agreed that a Palestinian state can only be created as a result of a peace treaty.

Argentina says its announcement Monday reflects its frustration with stalemated peace efforts.

Brazil took a similar step last week. They join more than 100 other countries who have granted recognition to a Palestinian state over the past two decades.

Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon told Army Radio the announcement had no practical meaning.

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