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Pat Condell: A Public Apology

Sarcastic as can be, but once again, he makes his point known loud and clear. TGO

Video: YouTube


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Those Weird Atheists

I ran across this article on the internet and felt it was very well written and right on point. I encourage you to read it. TGO

by S. A. Joyce

Although there have been non-believers and skeptics as long as there has been religion, atheists have recently received an inordinate amount of unfavorable publicity. Modern anti-atheist sentiment had its roots in the nineteenth century, when new scientific discoveries unexpectedly debunked popular religious creation myths. Angry reaction was sparked among religious fundamentalist splinter groups, and the fuss and bluster attracted public attention. Soon fundamentalists, long considered extremist crackpots, found their ranks of followers swelling as considerable numbers of the public sided with them in reaction against the “godless scientists,” and the movement took off.

But the worst of it came down in the twentieth century, as news of the atrocities of the new Soviet regime filtered out to the West. Following the Russian Revolution, the Marxists had done everything in their power to obliterate established religion, in the belief that only those who rejected religious allegiances could be regarded as true patriots of the Soviet state and unwavering supporters of the communist system. Naturally there was a global backlash. Within its borders the Soviet Union was able to steam-roll such objections with threats and brute force; but outside the Soviet sphere reactionary sentiment in favor of religion was bolstered by such repressionist tactics. It was a natural (if rather irrational) response to view communism, and anything associated with it (including atheism) as evil.

By the time of the McCarthy era in the United States, anti-atheist sentiment had become rabid; since all communists were atheists, it was erroneously but ardently argued, then all atheists must be communists! If an American at that time had the audacity to express a disbelief in God, he was likely to be publicly condemned as a communist sympathizer, even if in fact he had no such political leanings. He could wake up one morning to find himself without a job, his home mortgage foreclosed, and his children expelled from public school. In the anti-communist hysteria, the United States of America was taking on many of the fear-and-hate aspects of the very regime whose policies it ostensibly opposed.

Then along came Madalyn Murray-O’Hair and the now famous organization which she founded, American Atheists. Her militant activism forced people to take a second look, not so much at atheism itself, but at the coercive religious influence which government was more and more permitting upon itself, which frequently led to religiously biased public policy in direct violation of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Largely through O’Hair’s efforts the American public (at least the intellectual portion of it) was gradually re-educated to the facts that godless-communist-atheist is not a single word, and that people can disbelieve in God and still be patriotic and law-abiding Americans, with solid moral values and a love of liberty, and fully entitled to all the rights enjoyed by their fellow citizens. She reminded us that the underlying vitality and creativity which had propelled America so far so fast in less than two centuries was born, not of the singularity of belief traditionally enforced by the Old World, but of the diversity of belief (including even disbelief) exemplified by the New World. And she presented as evidence of this that many of America’s most prominent benefactors, such as Franklin, Jefferson, Madison, Twain, Edison, and Einstein, to name but a few, had been atheists, agnostics, deists, and other freethinkers outside the religious mainstream.

Unfortunately, in her role as “America’s most visible atheist,” Dr. O’Hair’s attention-getting public demeanor also fueled a public misperception that perhaps all atheists were like her — maybe not “evil,” but abrasive, loud, and offensive, with an anti-religion axe to grind — at bottom an image not too dissimilar from the “wild-eyed college radical” stereotype which the McCarthy faction had promoted. While O’Hair had succeeded in reaching those who listen with their minds, the more emotionalistic majority remained as convinced as ever that atheism was a disruptive influence and that atheists were undesirable troublemakers.

But in fact, most atheists are quite unassuming. The average atheist is your neighbor down the street, the smiling check-out clerk at the discount store, your child’s school teacher, your family doctor, your stock broker, your plumber, your auto mechanic. He (or she) has a family and friends. He goes to work every day. He grumbles about prices and taxes. He participates in community activities. Quite likely he is a military veteran. And on election day he votes for Democrats or Republicans. He is a capitalist; he saves or invests regularly, and he may even own his own business. He is ordinary in every sense — except that he does not find the conventional rationale for belief in the supernatural at all convincing.

The average atheist is comfortable with his own religious point of view, and has little if any interest in converting others to it. But by the same token he does not appreciate others, whether strangers, friends, or family members, badgering him to accept their beliefs and traditions. And he certainly resents the effort of government, acting on behalf of religion, to indoctrinate his children in the public schools — using his own tax dollars to do so! After all, the average Christian American would be outraged at the expenditure of tax money to promote non-Christian religion in public schools; why then should non-Christians (including not only atheists, but followers of other religious persuasions) be expected to sit quiet and uncomplaining while their own government attempts to christianize them and their children?

No, aside from their rejection of belief in the supernatural, atheists are no different from anyone else. As free citizens they believe as they see fit, and respect the freedom of others to believe differently. Like anyone else, they feel entitled to their belief, and are justifiably annoyed at anyone who dares insinuate that they are not. And they are sick and tired of being portrayed as “bad” people by ignorant political demagogues and other panderers of fear and hate. Weird? Not at all; they’re just as normal — just as human — as you and I.

= SAJ =

The author grants permission to copy and distribute this document, in whole or in part, provided that remarks are neither taken out of context nor edited to distort their meaning, and provided that credit is given to the author, and provided that no charge whatever is made for such copies or distribution without the author’s written consent.


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Islamic State group recruits, exploits children

Nothing stated in this article should be of any surprise; despicable as it all is. As the saying goes, the end justifies the means; that’s what these people are all about. They have no rules. If it means recruiting their own mothers to have sex with other IS members to keep up their morale they’ll do it. TGO

Refer to story below. Source: Associated Press

Associated Press


BEIRUT (AP) — Teenagers carrying weapons stand at checkpoints and busy intersections in Iraq’s second-largest city, Mosul. Patched onto the left arms of their black uniforms are the logos of the Islamic Police.

In Raqqa, the Islamic State group’s de facto capital in Syria, boys attend training camp and religious courses before heading off to fight. Others serve as cooks or guards at the extremists’ headquarters or as spies, informing on people in their neighborhoods.

Across the vast region under IS control, the group is actively conscripting children for battle and committing abuses against the most vulnerable at a young age, according to a growing body of evidence assembled from residents, activists, independent experts and human rights groups.

In the northern Syrian town of Kobani, where ethnic Kurds have been resisting an IS onslaught for weeks, several activists told The Associated Press they observed children fighting alongside the militants. Mustafa Bali, a Kobani-based activist, said he saw the bodies of four boys, two of them younger than 14. And at least one 18 year old is said to have carried out a suicide attack.

In Syria’s Aleppo province, an activist affiliated with the rebel Free Syrian Army said its fighters encountered children in their late teens “fairly often” in battles against the rival Islamic State group.

It is difficult to determine just how widespread the exploitation of children is in the closed world of IS-controlled territory. There are no reliable figures on the number of minors the group employs.

However, a video posted on militant websites Monday offered the most substantive evidence to date that the militant group enlists children. It purportedly highlights the so-called “Cubs of the Caliphate” class, showing young children dressed in black training to use different weapons, responding to staged ambushes and learning to manufacture explosives. The video corresponded with AP reporting.

But a United Nations panel investigating war crimes in the Syrian conflict concluded that in its enlistment of children for active combat roles, the Islamic State group is perpetrating abuses and war crimes on a massive scale “in a systematic and organized manner.”

The group “prioritizes children as a vehicle for ensuring long-term loyalty, adherence to their ideology and a cadre of devoted fighters that will see violence as a way of life,” it said in a recent report. The panel of experts, known as the Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Syria, conducted more than 300 interviews with people who fled or are living in IS-controlled areas, and examined video and photographic evidence.

The use of children by armed groups in conflict is, of course, nothing new. In the Syrian civil war, the Free Syrian Army and Nusra Front rebel groups also recruit children for combat, said Leila Zerrougui, the U.N. secretary-general’s special representative for children and armed conflict.

But no other group comes close to IS in using children in such a systematic and organized way. And the effect is that much greater because IS commands large areas in which the militants inculcate the children with their radical and violent interpretation of Shariah law.

“What is new is that ISIS seems to be quite transparent and vocal about their intention and their practice of recruiting children,” said Laurent Chapuis, UNICEF regional child protection adviser for the Middle East and North Africa, using an alternate acronym for the group. “Children as young as 10, 12 years old are being used in a variety of roles, as combatants as messengers, spies, guards, manning checkpoints but also for domestic purposes like cooking, cleaning, sometimes providing medical care to the wounded.”

“This is not a marginal phenomenon. This is something that is being observed and seems to be part of the strategy of the group,” Zerrougui said in a phone interview from New York.

She said some children join voluntarily for various reasons but others are targeted.

“They are abducting children and forcing them to join, they are brainwashing children and indoctrinating them to join their group. All the tools used to attract and recruit children are used by this group,” she said, adding that children as young as 9 or 10 are used for “various roles.”

In areas of Syria and Iraq under their control, the Sunni extremists have closed schools or changed the curriculum to fit with their ideology. Their goal, according to the U.N., is to use education as a tool of indoctrination to foster a new generation of supporters.

A video recently published by an IS media arm shows what it says is a graduation ceremony for boys, who appear to be in their teens. Dressed in military uniforms, they are lined up to shake hands with a sheikh. Another scene shows the boys posing with AK-47s, their faces hidden under black masks. The video touts the children as a “generation of lions, protectors of religion, dignity and land.”

Residents of IS-controlled areas said the militants are teaching children at school to become fighters.

One resident in the Iraqi city of Fallujah described seeing his 6-year-old son playing with a water pistol in front of the house and screaming: “I am a fighter for the Islamic State!”

“I waved him to come to me and I broke the gun in two pieces,” said the man, who spoke on condition of anonymity out of fear of his life.

He also said he and his son recently stopped at an IS checkpoint. His son shouted, “We love the State!” and one of the fighters asked, “Which state?” When the son replied, “the Islamic State,” the fighter “told him, ‘Good boy,’ and let us through,” the resident said. The incident persuaded the man to move his family to the northern city of Kirkuk, now in Kurdish hands.

“The boys are studying, not to learn, but to become mujahedeen,” he said.

Earlier this year in Syria, the Islamic State group abducted more than 150 Kurdish boys, held them in a school in Aleppo province and showed them videos of beheadings and attacks, while subjecting them to daily instruction on militant ideology for five months, the U.N. and Kurdish officials said. The boys were later released.

In Raqqa province, an anti-IS activist collective has documented the presence of at least five known youth training camps, one specifically for children under 16 in the town of Tabqa. The collective, named Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently, has released a video showing children crawling under barbed wire as part of their military training. The video could not be independently confirmed but is consistent with AP reporting on the subject.

Residents in IS-controlled areas in Iraq, such as Mosul and Fallujah, say it is not uncommon to see gun-toting boys in their late teens standing at checkpoints and even younger ones riding in militant convoys, usually accompanying their fathers in parades.

Another resident of Fallujah said many boys as young as 11 volunteer to join the group, but that IS often seeks the parents’ consent for those under 16. He said others join under pressure or in exchange for money.

“Once they’re done training, their skills and abilities are tested before they decide where to send them off. Many want to be on the front lines,” said the man, who identified himself as Abu Abdullah al-Falluji.

In a report released earlier this year, Human Rights Watch interviewed four former IS child fighters in Syria who described military training with the group. One, Bassem, who joined the group at 16, said he left after being seriously wounded by shrapnel in battle. A 17 year old, Amr, told the group that children in his unit signed up for suicide missions — and that he reluctantly did so as well under pressure.

Thousands of foreign fighters have flocked to IS areas from all over the world, many of them with their families.

A video emerged this month showing two boys, both speaking perfect French, holding guns aloft and claiming to be in Raqqa. They stand on a dusty street; a man walks by and takes no notice of their weapons. The boys, who look much younger than 10, say they’re from Strasbourg and Toulouse. French prosecutors have opened a formal investigation to identify the children.

“Over there, you’re in a country of infidels. Here, we’re mujahedeen. We’re in Syria, we’re in Raqqa here,” one of the boys says in the video. “It’s war here.”


Salama reported from Baghdad. Associated Press writer Lori Hinnant in Paris contributed to this report.


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6 new Catholic saints at a glance

… Meanwhile, as people throughout the world deal with wars, famine, disease, poverty, natural disasters, etc., the Catholic Church is inventing more saints. You gotta love these old gay men in their dresses and funny hats… TGO

Refer to story below. Source: Associated Press

Associated Press


VATICAN CITY (AP) — Pope Francis on Sunday canonized six new saints, two Indians and four Italians, all of whom dedicated their lives to helping the poor.

Here is a look at the new saints:


GIOVANNI ANTONIO FARINA, born Jan. 11, 1803, in Gambarella, Italy, province of Vicenza. As bishop of Treviso for a decade, then bishop of Vicenza for 28 years until his death in 1888, Farina renewed diocese life through pastoral visits, diocesan synods and parish associations for the poor. He became known as “the bishop of the poor.” He was beatified by John Paul II on Nov. 4, 2001.


KURIAKOSE ELIAS CHAVARA, born Feb. 10, 1805, in Kainakary, India. Chavara was a priest who contributed to the growth of the Syro-Malabar Church, one of 22 Eastern rite churches that remain in full communion with Rome. As the first vicar general of the Syro-Malabar Church in the Verapoli diocese, he worked to prevent the threat of a schism, and was the author of numerous spiritual, liturgical and poetic works. He died in 1871, and was beatified by John Paul II on Feb. 8, 1986.


LUDOVICO DA CASORIA, born March 11, 1814, near Naples. Da Casoria, a priest, devoted himself to the poor after a mystical experience, and founded the association Opera dei Moretti that paid ransom to release African children from slavery and contributed to their education with the goal of creating missionaries. He died in 1885 and was beatified by John Paul II on April 18, 1993.


NICOLA DA LONGOBARDI, born Jan. 6, 1650, in the southern region of Calabria. Da Longobardi lived in various religious communities, taking on humble jobs such as cook or doorman, while also giving catechism lessons, exhibiting an affinity for the poor. He had frequent mystical experiences and his reputation for holiness endured through the centuries. He died in 1709 and was beatified by Pius VI on Sept. 17, 1786.


EUFRASIA ELUVATHINGAL, born Oct. 17, 1877 to an aristocratic family in India’s Kerala state. Baptized Rose, she took her religious vows in the Congregation of the Sisters of the Mother of Carmel in 1900. She lived an austere life of prayer, becoming known as “the prayerful mother.” She died in 1952 and was beatified on Dec. 3, 2006.


AMATO RONCONI, born 1226 in the Rimini province on Italy’s Adriatic coast. Orphaned at a young age, he took inspiration from the life of Francis of Assisi and joined the Franciscan Third Order. He founded a hospice for pilgrims along the road from Rimini to Urbino, working in fields to support the enterprise and help the poor. He died in 1292. He was beatified by Pius VI on March 17, 1776.


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Suicide bomber kills 40 at volleyball match in Afghanistan

KABOOM! More of the same from the brain-dead, indoctrinated assassins; members of what religion? If you said Islam you were right on. What other religion has its adherents killing innocent men, women and children? None other. TGO

Refer to story below. Source: Reuters


KABUL (Reuters) – A suicide bomber attacked spectators at a crowded volleyball match in eastern Afghanistan on Sunday, killing at least 40 people, a provincial official said.

Mukhles Afghan, spokesman for the governor of Paktika province, said at least 50 more were wounded in the attack in Yahya Khel district, where residents had gathered to watch a tournament final.

He said most of the casualties were civilians.

The Taliban insurgency and other jihadist militants have unleashed waves of suicide attacks and assassinations in Afghanistan this year, as foreign forces continue to withdraw after 13 years of war.

About 12,000 international troops will remain in Afghanistan next year to train and support Afghanistan’s security forces.

(Reporting by Kay Johnson; Editing by Andrew Roche)


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Somalia’s al-Shabab kills 28 non-Muslims in Kenya

Barbaric murderers, that’s what these Muslims are. Anywhere and everywhere it’s the same thing; they kill, kill, kill. This is what Muslims do; just because. Their despicable faith is the catalyst and their fanaticism in this faith, in the Koran (Quran) erases any sense of goodness they may possess in the feeble little minds.

The reason for the senseless killing; they couldn’t recite an Islamic creed, meaning they weren’t Muslims, or at least not “good” Muslims – as if there was such a thing. TGO

Refer to story below. Source: Associated Press

Associated Press


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Pat Condell: Choosing to be Offended

This time around Pat Condell puts a different spin on his discourse, yet once again he makes his point, and makes it well; nothing new there… TGO

Video: YouTube


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AP PHOTOS: Survivors of female genital mutilation

This is such a despicable practice; one of the many such rituals that we owe to that cancer that is religion. TGO

Refer to story below. Source: Associated Press

Associated Press



SIDFA, Egypt (AP) — In this ancient village in southern Egypt on the banks of the Nile, some women are now speaking out about a long-standing tradition once never discussed.

Female genital mutilation is rampant in Egypt, with an estimated 90 percent of women in the country having undergone the forceful procedure — misguidedly called “circumcision” — as children out of the belief that it controls women’s sexuality. The United Nations says the practice is concentrated in 29 countries in Africa and the Middle East.

Egypt’s government criminalized the practice in 2008 and religious leaders have declared it dangerous and without any spiritual justification, but rights advocates say it is still widespread.

Here in Sidfa, 340 kilometers (210 miles) south of Cairo, several survivors spoke to The Associated Press about undergoing female genital mutilation as children without anesthesia.

“I ran out of my house onto the streets screaming when I saw the midwife,” said Samya Shehata, 35, a Coptic Christian. “My mom eventually caught me, helped the midwife hold me down and did the operation.”

Laila Nazma, 37, remembered it as “a day of hell,” having undergone it at age 12.

“I will never forget when my mother said, ‘Let’s go,’ and I knew what she was talking about,” said Nazma, also a Coptic Christian. “I fainted from the pain and bled a lot. When I woke up after the operation I felt like I was butchered.”

Youssra Hosny, a 34-year-old Muslim, was cut at 9 months old.

“When I grew older I wanted to understand what happened to me,” Hosny said. “I decided to visit the midwife that did this to me. I told her to tell me the story. She did. I was very angry after I found out everything. I have two daughters and would never do this to them.”

Here are a series of evocative portraits by AP photographer Nariman El-Mofty of female genital mutilation survivors. (Only one photo shown – TGO)


Associated Press photographers and photo editors on Twitter:


Follow Nariman El-Mofty on Twitter at


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